Vision, Mission, & Values

Vision Statemen

“R&R Seals the Gap”


Mission Statement

“R&R is committed to continuous improvement of our skills and knowledge for total customer satisfaction.”


Core Values


  1. Everyone is responsible for a safe work environment.
  2. Management clearly communicates job expectations, holds company personnel accountable and recognizes performance.
  3. We are responsible for each others success.
  4. We recognize that employee training, and employee coaching, are essential to the success of each employee and the company.
  5. We empower our employees to improve results.
  6. We set goals measure performance, and we improve.



  1. We partner with our customers for mutual success.
  2. Every customer in good standing receives the same treatment.
  3. We measure quality through soliciting our customers.
  4. We improve our customer relationship through on-time deliveries.
  5. We return customer calls the same day.



  1. We are in business to make a profit through responsible management.
  2. We set company goals, we track the goals, and we exceed goals.
  3. We measure and learn from our errors.
  4. Management has defined performance standards for themselves.



  1. Management sets, measures, and exceeds established goals.
  2. We get paid for the work we perform.
  3. We measure ‘job’ costing.



  1. We partner with our vendors for mutual success.
  2. We audit our vendors.



  1. We strive to exceed all regulatory standards.
  2. We recycle where applicable.



  1. We donate to, and support local organizations.